THIS SAT ONLY 18th March - Back by popular demand!

Robin Hood at Kryal Castle

That nasty Sheriff of Nottingham is at it again at Kryal Castle, for the Robin Hood Festival on the Labour Day Long Weekend! 🏹 Plus, enter our archery competition for a chance to win a smashing prize! Dress up and get five free archery arrows! Meet Robin Hood, Maid Marion and their Merry friends as they celebrate Nottingham style. Free Robin Hood themed activities, crafts, live performances, circlet making, potion making, face painting, Jousting, sword training, market stalls, roving performers, maypole dancing, games + much more!

Fun For All Ages!

Let The Magic Begin!

Event Schedule

Schedule of the event


Park Opens

Castle doors open at 10:00AM

Front Entry Ticketing


Robin’s Arrival

Robin Hood has arrived back from the crusades and is met by an uninvited guest living in his humble home! The only way he can get his home back is to help his new friend, will he take on the challenge and face the sheriff’s reign?

Main Arena


Mounted Skill at Arms

The Sheriff of Nottingham wishes to show off the skills of his finest knight, Sir Guy of Gisborne in a test of speed skill and accuracy. But watch carefully! He’s a slippery character with a bad habit of cheating!

Main Arena


Meeting Maid Marion

The beautiful Maid Marion has caught the eye of the Sheriff of Nottingham, but she’s far more interested in joining Robin Hood’s cause! Can she escape the clutches of the greedy Sheriff?

Main Arena


Ground Combat Display

The Sheriff is losing his cool. How else can he maintain the allegiance of the kingdom without showing off the might and skill of his army? Come join us on the arena to see what the kingdom’s finest knights have got!

Main Arena


Archery Contest

Think you might have what it takes to join Robin Hood’s Merry Men? This is your chance to show your skill in Nottingham’s inaugural Archery Competition!

Archery Range

From 10:00AM to 12:30PM

Medieval Games

During the Medieval times, joining in on popular games was an activity enjoyed by many; defeat your opponents and enjoy our Medieval games!

Next to Playground

From 10:00AM-4:00PM

Merry Men Hat Making

Merry Men Hat Making is a free activity that runs all day and offers the perfect opportunity for kids and adults to express themselves creatively!

Mt Inn.

From 10:00AM-4:00PM

Sword Training

Welcome to Knights School at Kryal Castle! Here, kids and adults can learn the art of chivalry, sword fighting and more. Step back in time with our experienced instructors who will teach you all about medieval history and culture. Join us for a unique educational experience that you won't forget!

Main Arena

From 10:00AM-4:00PM

Axe Throwing

Experience the thrill of axe throwing at Kryal Castle! Join us for an exciting session where you'll learn how to aim and throw axes! Our expert instructors will teach you the basics in a safe environment and help you hone your skills in no time. Get ready to show off your axe-throwing prowess!

Main Arena

May Pole Dancing

Experience the traditional May Pole dance at Kryal Castle! Learn about the history and symbolism behind this enchanting ritual, then watch as our performers demonstrate this centuries-old tradition. It’s a must-see for anyone interested in folklore and culture!

Next to Playground


    Patrons will be entering through the Ticketing as usual with overflow through traders gate as per usual for events. Suites entry and check in as usual.
    Event Address
    121 Forbes Road, Leigh Creek (Ballarat) Victoria 3352 AUSTRALIA Carparking - Parking attendants will be working in the carpark from 9:30 - 2pm to direct traffic, starting in the front carpark.
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