Torture Dungeon & Museum

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Torture Dungeon & Museum

There is a dark side to every time in history, but perhaps none darker than what the unfortunate few experienced during the Middle Ages. As you step into the dimly-lit entranceway of the Torture Dungeon, you may need to steel your nerve for what you are about to witness. From the ancient instruments of torture like the rack and the guillotine, to the dreaded cells of the Kryal Dungeon and the lingering smell of fear in the air – the Torture Museum & Dungeon is not for the faint-hearted. Whilst we no longer use our instruments of torture, our thoughts often drift to those who have braved the Torture Dungeon and not lived to tell the tale…

Recommended for those aged 13 and above, the Torture Dungeon & Museum is open daily for all Castle Guests…but open forever for those who have been snared in the Dungeon Master’s chains…

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