The Royal Joust

There is nothing quite as spectacular as the thunderous sounds of horses, lances and knights clashing together in the Royal Joust! Adults and children alike will be in awe of the tremendous power of Sir Phillip upon his mighty steed Valiant as he does battle against whichever foe is foolish enough to enter his arena.

Kryal Castle is home to the only continuous jousting event in Australia — and it truly is the perfect display to cap off your magical adventure back into medieval times. Occurring at 2pm every day that Kryal Castle is open — make sure you arrive early to secure the Royal Seats overlooking the Main Arena!


Main Arena

No castle in history would be complete without its Main Arena — a place for villagers to practice their arms and champions to duel for the favour of their king! During your visit to Kryal Castle, the Main Arena will serve as the home of:

  • Knight School — where you and your family will learn the skills required to become a Knight of Kryal Castle
  • Axe Throwing — an activity for the adventurous that will allow you to hone your skills with the axe against our wooden targets
  • Mounted Skill-at-Arms Display — a truly impressive display where the resident knights will showcase their skill with the lance whilst riding atop their mighty horses

Operating consistently throughout the day, the Main Arena is the true centrepiece of Kryal Castle and will allow you to embrace the magic of your medieval adventure

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