Knight School

There was no person more noble in medieval society than the mighty knight and there is no greater place to learn these abilities than Kryal Castle’s Knight School. Running daily on the main arena, children and adults alike will practice the noble skills of knighthood under the tutelage of our Master-at-Arms.

Equipped with a sword and shield, each class will be instructed on the techniques of sword fighting, battle tactics and the honour code that all knights must practice in order to guard the gates of Kryal Castle. All those who pass the test will be deemed worthy of the title of Knight of Kryal Castle — and it is an experience you simply cannot miss.


Axe Throwing

The thrill of an axe flying through the air is a joy not often felt in this modern world. However, at Kryal Castle, when you step onto our Axe Throwing Range in the Main Arena you are afforded the chance to step back in time and hone your skills with a wide array of throwing axes!

Designed to be enjoyed by all ages, with smaller and lighter axes for children, the Axe Throwing Range is a safe and enjoyable way to test your accuracy on our hand-made wooden targets as you are taught by our resident team of Knights!

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