11am welcome to wonderland

Have you ever met a cat that has a grin as wide as a Cheshire Cat’s? Alice Certainly has not, but there’s a first for everything in Wonderland. Cheshire Puss has a thing or two to teach poor Alice in this wild introduction to Wonderland.

In the Jester’s Theatre (Map Ref 17)

11:30am Mounted Skill at Arms

Head to the Tournament Arena to see the knights and warhorses of Kryal Castle compete in a challenge designed to test their skills with sword, lance and spear.

(Map Ref. 12)

12:15Pm A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Help Alice as she fumbles over the March Hare, the Mad Hatter and their entirely unusual tea party. But wait! Is that the White Rabbit right behind her?? Enjoy the show on its own, or come on in a little earlier to order your own high tea, to make your tea party experience complete!

(Abbey Tavern, Map Ref 31)

12:45pm A Seriously Serious Meeting

Join the Queen of Hearts’ most trusted knight in a seriously serious meeting for serious issues only! Until the Mad Hatter arrives.

(map ref 27)

1:30pm Croquet Match

The Queen of Hearts has called for a Croquet match today, and she’s “rather better at this than you”! Alice has heard so much about the Queen, but what will happen when the Queen meets Alice? Alice, the Queen of Hearts, The Hatter, The White Rabbit and The Cheshire Cat are in an audacious display of haphazard Croquet next to our playground

(Map Ref 25)

1:55Pm Mad Hatter’s Hat Parade On The Arena

It’s your chance to take the stage and show off your finest creations! If you’ve spent some time in the Abbey today making a fabulous hat in our craft corner, you can meet the Hatter at the Arena Grandstand at 1:50pm sharp, where he will lead you through a pre-Joust hat parade! Every participant wins a limited edition sticker! Don’t be late!

(Map Ref 12)

2:00pm The Queen of Hearts’ Royal Joust

The Queen of Hearts is madder than anyone around! Her fiendish Red Knight has captured Alice and the Cheshire Cat, and has demanded their heads be chopped off immediately! But wait, the Honourable White Knight has challenged the Red Knight to a mighty Joust in Alice’s honour. Will he succeed? I sure hope so!

(Map Ref. 12)

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