Things to do

When you arrive at the ticket box we will provide you with a park map and the schedule of the daily show times so that you can plan your day and enjoy all the things to do during your visit.

PLEASE NOTE: This is our standard operating timetable.

From time to time we have additional special programs on at Kryal Castle. Have a look at our Special Events page to see what else may be on during your visit.

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Daily Timetable

11:00 Pantomime: “The Gnome”

11:30 Skill at Arms- Knights and their warhorses compete in an obstacle course on the main arena.

12:30 Romeo and Rapunzel

1:30 Pantomime: “The Bravest Brave that Ever Braved”

2:00 Royal Joust- Knights in full armour on their warhorses battle each other to determine the champion of the day

2:45 Militia Training Children are invited to the main arena to learn the art of fighting with sword and shield.

 Additional activities:

10am – 3:30pm –  Dragon’s Labyrinth (Entry Attraction)

10:30am – 3:30pm

  • Indoor Archery Range* – Learn the ancient art of archery at our indoor range.

12.45pm & 1.10pm

  • Torture Chamber Tour (recommended for ages 13+)

11am – 3pm – Face Painting*, Perfume Making*, Bracelet Making*, Calligraphy.

Each visitor will receive a copy of the full daily program on arrival.

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*denotes additional charge