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Kryal Castle is proud to present the inaugural Tasman Shield Jousting Tournament. Australia’s champion jousters will don their armour and face off against New Zealand’s finest.

Australia and New Zealand are fierce competitors on the sporting field, both boasting world class exponents of this dangerous and spectacular medieval sport.

The Australian team is captained by Ballarat’s very own Phil Leitch, multiple international tournament winner. Joining him will be Cliff Marisma, 2016 winner of the St Ives Medieval Faire International Tournament and experienced international Andrew McKinnon.

The New Zealand team will be led by veteran international competitor Jezz Smith, with team mates Vikki Subritzky and debutante Simon Neilsen.

Kryal Castle presents the perfect home team venue for the Australian team. The Castle has featured jousting as part of our entertainment since the drawbridge was first raised in 1974.

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Tasman Shield VIP Accommodation Package

Come and enjoy a weekend of jousting with us on April 1st and 2nd! For just $730, our Tasman Shield VIP Accommodation Package  includes a 2 night stay, 2 two-day passes to the Jousting Tournament and 2 tickets to the Saturday night family-friendly Medieval Feast, where you can enjoy a 4-course meal, be entertained by our performance team and even meet the knights!

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Competition Schedule

The event will take place over two days, two sessions per day (Three Preliminaries and a Final).

Awards will be given for:

  • Winning Team
  • Individual Champion
  • Champion of the Skill at Arms

Daily Timetable for April 1st and 2nd:

10am Park Open-Dragon’s Labyrinth, Shops, Animals, Maze  and Playground

10:30am Face Painting* and Calligraphy open– Fairies and Goblins

10:30am Pantomime (The Gnome) – Jester’s Theatre

11am Wizard Tower opens– Wizard Tower

11am Birds of Prey – Jester’s Theatre

11:15am Wizard Show– Wizard Tower

11:30am 1st session of Tournament– Tournament Arena

12:00pm Potion Making Class*– Wizard Tower (Enchanted Tree Room)

12:30pm Romeo and Rapunzel– Between the two towers

12:50pm Torture Chamber Tours– Upper level of the Torture Chamber

1:00pm Wizard Show– Wizard Tower

1:00pm Ground Combat – Tournament Arena

1:15pm Torture Chamber Tours- Upper level of the Torture Chamber

1:30pm Pantomime (The Bravest Brave that Ever Braved)– Jester’s Theatre

2:00pm 2nd session of Tournament– Tournament Arena

2:30pm Potion Making Class*– Wizard Tower (Enchanted Tree Room)

2:30pm Militia Training– Tournament Arena

2:30pm Pony Rides*– Tournament Arena

3:00pm Birds Of Prey – Jester’s Theatre

Ongoing activities:

10am – 3:30pm –  Dragon’s Labyrinth (Entry Attraction)

10:30am – 3:30pm – Archery*

11am – 3pm – Face Painting*, Calligraphy.


The Ale House is open daily.  Pizza, pies, home-made soup and daily specials

Each visitor will receive a copy of the full daily program on arrival.

*denotes additional charge

Our Competitors


 Phillip Leitch (Team Captain Australia)



Phillip Leitch is a former Australian Special Forces soldier with experience in martial arts, horse riding and medieval armed combat.

Phillip has jousted in Australia, Europe and America where he appeared as a black team assistant coach on the History Chanel’s “Full Metal Jousting” TV series.

Phillip has won the prestigious “St Ives Jousting Tournament” for the past two years, a joust where sharp steel points called coronels are fitted to the end of solid timber lances.

Phillip also won the 2015 Ohio International Jousting Tournament, an event using the infamous American solid lances, considered one of the most challenging styles of jousting against some of the world’s toughest opponents.

More recently he won the Tournament de Main, in St Suzanne France, making him one of very few jousters that have competed and won in the three main forms of jousting on three different continents at the international level.

Today Phil lives at Kryal Castle where he works full time as a knight, jousting and fighting on a regular basis.

He is one of only a handful of people in the world who solely make their living as a professional jouster.

His motto is “Noa Pavita” (Don’t Panic)

2013 Winner Kryal Castle Timeline Jousting Tournament

2014 Arundel International Jousting Tournament- 2nd as member of team England

2014 Winner St Ives International Jousting Tournament

2015 Winner St Ives International Jousting Tournament

2015 Winner Ohio International Jousting Tournament

2016 Winner Tournament de Main, St Suzanne, France


   Cliff Marisma


Clifford Marisma is a professional equestrian, with a lifetime of experience. Born in Malta he moved to Australia more then 30 years ago and since settling here has become a rider and trainer of national renown. Clifford has studied classical horseman ship and competed as a rodeo bull rider and for the past 12 years he has indulged his passion for vaquero methods of training at his stud Marisma in Snake Valley Ballarat. It is his professionalism that has resulted in clients from all over the country seeking out Clifford to train their prized mounts . For the last two years he has turned his hand to the medieval art of jousting at Kryal castle. In his first appearance at the Abbey medieval tournament he proved his skills to be named 2015 champion of the joust . Clifford has gone on to win the 2015 “Timeline Festival” joust, the 2016 “Keith Ryall” memorial tournament and the “St Ives Medieval Fair” for 2016.  Clifford is sure to be a formidable opponent at this event.


Andrew McKinnon


Andrew McKinnon hails from Sydney’s northern beaches and came to jousting later in life after a misspent youth as a rock and roll musician.

In 2007, Andrew discovered that real jousting still exists, and after training with Rod Walker advanced enough to be able to compete in his first tournament less than three years later, despite having never ridden a horse prior to his 40th birthday!

Andrew was a member of the victorious Australian Jousting Team in 2010 that defeated New Zealand at the Taupo Knights Challenge.

In 2011 Andrew, as Captain of Arms, returned across the Tasman to defend this country’s honour at his second Taupo Knights Challenge.

Andrew placed 3rd at the Australian Jousting Championships, Bathurst May 2012.

He was also a member of the winning New World Team over the Old World European Team, Neauphle le Chateau, France, June 2012.

Andrew was second in the joust at the 2012 Winterfest Tournament in Sydney, Australia and first in the skill at arms.

2014 saw Andrew participating successfully in the St Halvard’s Tournament in Oslo in May and coordinating the inaugural Tournament of St Ives in northern featuring competitors from all over the world.

In 2015, Andrew participated in the Harcourt Park Tournament in New Zealand.

2016 was an incredibly busy year for Andrew, in July he competed with honour at the prestigious Arundel Castle Tournament in England, fulfilling a dream to joust at a real castle in England!

Andrew rides in an Italian spring steel harness circa 1460-1470 made by Australian armoured and jouster, Luke Binks. His arms are azure a wolf rampant argent. His motto is “Malum aspice fatum” “Evil behold your fate” Andrew is a member of the knightly Order of the Star and the Order of St Ives.


Jezz Smith (Team Captain New Zealand)


Representing New Zealand, the grizzled veteran, Sir Jeremy “Jezz” Smith, has worked as a restoration stone mason for past 45 years, specialising in historical stonework. Combining his interests in history and equestrian pursuits led him to jousting in 2003.

Since taking up this passion, Jezz has competed in more than 10 countries and taken up amateur armouring (he will be wearing his own armour for the Tasman Shield) so he has something nice to wear on such occasions. Jezz follows his passion for the jousting and history with the aim to combine them to achieve an accurate representation of “The true joust”.


Simon Nielsen


Representing New Zealand, Simon comes from an Old World background, possibly stretching back to the losing side of wars with the Holy Roman Empire. Originally Danish, he spent 17 years travelling around the globe pursuing work and in the process developed an interest in history and mounted martial arts. Ending up in New Zealand, he joined The Order of The Boar and have trained for jousting ever since. The “true joust” of the 14th century Europe is his passion and he hopes to at least present a tempting target for the other participants in the Good Game tournament.


Victoria Subritzky


Victoria hails from the North of the North of New Zealand.

She has a great love for horses from a very early age. And over the years, has participated in most equestrian events. This included several years stunt riding with a team in Central New Zealand.

In the year 2000. she put on her first medieval display at a small local museum back home. From there, she has become a contender in tournaments in New Zealand and a frequent visitor to Australia.

With a Polish and Maori ancestry, she has the fighting spirit that is essential to become a jousting knight. Her Polish ancestors fought many battles with distinction, defeating their formidable enemies, often with the odds stacked heavily against them.

The early settlers to New Zealand were Polish, arriving in the early 1800’s

They were involved heavily in shipping, and established themselves in the North.

They managed to not get eaten by the Maori and married them instead.

When Victoria is not jousting, she farms cattle and works with horses.

She owns a boutique equestrienne centre on the east coast that breeds and trains horses and accommodates people through out the year.

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