Attractions at Kryal Castle

Kryal Castle has reopened the doors to its land of medieval adventure, offering more myth, magic and medieval attractions than ever before! From the moment of arrival, there’s so much to discover and explore. Here are some of our most popular shows and attractions…


Entry Attraction – The Dragon’s Labyrinth

Start your journey into the land of Kryal by uncovering the legends of the King and Queen, their lost children and the dragon Ushnagh. Wander the lavishly themed passageways and explore the dimly lit chambers, where stunning special effects create an air of enchantment and bring the tales of Kryal to life.

 Torture Dungeon and Museum

When it comes to history, the horrible bits are sometimes the most interesting! Explore the dark side of human history – not for the faint-heartened – viewing the fascinating Torture Museum exhibition before you encounter the Dungeon of doom attractions deep within the Castle. Are you brave enough to enter? (Recommended for 12 years+)

The Royal Joust and Skill at Arms 

Experience the thundering drama of the joust as brave knights and their magnificent mounts face each other in the Castle Arena. In a daring display of horsemanship and skill our Castle Knights will do all they can to better their opponent from knight on knight jousting, ring jousting and foot combat. Hear the thunder of hooves and the crack of lances splintering as our knights battle it out in the arena.

There’s plenty for you to get involved in too – Meet The Castle Herald, choose your champion and cheer in the hope that your chosen Knight will be triumphant. Later, take the challenge and test your own swordsmanship against our Castle Squires.

Attractions - Jousting at Kryal Castle. Pic attribution: Wild Eye Photography

Jousting at Kryal Castle. Pic attribution: Wild Eye Photography

The Wizards Workroom 

Magic is alive at Kryal Castle! Enter the medieval wizarding world in Oggle Watch Tower to discover the magic that exists within the Castle. Our very own Wizard will entertain with magic and wonder…

The Jesters Theatre

A live performance setting that presents original shows, variety acts and off-the-cuff theatre! The hilarious Jolly Jesters and other characters are sure to split your sides and provide a memorable entertainment experience at Kryal Castle. The current performance is ‘The Gnome’.

 The Maze

This attraction is a sentimental favourite for many visitors to Kryal and the most puzzling attraction built on the myths and legends of the realm. Take up the challenge… will you return?

 The Sword in the Stone

Who wields the magic sword? Can someone be found who has the courage and strength to be the new ruler of the Land of Kryal? Try your luck!

Militia Training

The children of Kryal are invited onto Castle Arena to take centre stage and learn the skills of knighthood from the knights and squires. Activities include sword fighting and the firing of the Castle Catapult.